While We Await The Upturn
A solo exhibition by HuskMitNavn

On the occasion of the financial crisis, the real estate bubble, the art market crash, the high unemployment rate, the economic cut backs and the general depression, V1 Gallery has been turned into a waiting room. Visitors are invited to sit down and enjoy the art together while awaiting the upturn.

While We Await The Upturn is HuskMitNavns (RememberMyName) fourth solo exhibition with V1 Gallery. It consists of 20 human figures in a waiting room hung with drawings, photo collages and paintings. The works all interact with each other and create a large-scale installation.

During the last nine years HuskMitNavn has exhibited extensively in his native Denmark and abroad. He works in a wide variety of contexts and media; in the public sphere, at galleries and in museums, on tee shirts, newspapers, books and his latest ventures, art playgrounds and furniture. His distinct style and subtle humor has made HuskMitNavn one of the most groundbreaking and treasured artists of his general on.

Sort Arbejde (Moonlighting) a new book by HuskMitNavn has just been published. Earlier this year in Brussels, HuskMitNavn and Barry McGee created the joint exhibition The Last Night together.