One Of These Days
A solo presentation by HuskMitNavn

A woman toasts a – for us invisible – lover, friend or girlfriend in Champagne. She is resting on a red blanket and her socks have large holes in them. Her expression is mild and a smile is forming. There is a poetic sense of calm in the moment, a mundane hope, executed with acrylic paint in precise and simple strokes on canvas. The composition just balances, as if you removed a single line, it would implode. The painting measures 80 x 80 centimeters and is titled One of these days, which is also the title of HuskMitNavn’s (RememberMyName) new solo exhibition with V1 Gallery. The style is unmistakable HuskMitNavn. But the thematics are perhaps a little less direct in the new works – 13 paintings and 19 works on paper. The title hints that there is a latent potential in the subject matter of the works. It can happen. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it happened, but we overlooked it.

HuskMitNavn’s continuous investigations of the details of everyday life are poetic, banal, tragic, personal and humorous – quite often a mixture. Many of the new works thematically revolve around being present in the moment. A monumental canvas One Second Later (170 x 450 centimeter) portrays a couple in an apartment, maybe the artists own? A man is drawing concentrated at a table, a woman is watering, in a zen like mode, the flowers on the window ledge. The kind of Sunday tranquility we yearn for – but through the large panoramic window behind the couple, we see a paraglider in an unstoppable free fall towards the window. One of these days.

HuskMitNavn’s (b.1975) first 10 years as HuskMitNavn was celebrated with a large retrospective exhibition at the KØS (Museum of Art In Public Places) in 2012. HuskMitNavn has relentlessly worked his way through a multitude of artistic disciplines through the past decade; museum exhibitions, gallery shows, public commissions, publications and related media. He has recently exhibited at Louisiana museum of modern art, Denmark, The Hole Gallery, New York, Alice Gallery in Bruxelles and at The End of The World, Vardø, Norway. A smaller exhibition of new prints by HuskMitNavn will run in conjunction with the exhibition. One of these days is HuskMitNavn’s fifth solo exhibition with V1 Gallery and we are very proud to engage 10 new years together.