V1 Gallery presents
København Søges
A Solo Show by HuskMitNavn

V1 Gallery is proud to present København Søges (in English: Copenhagen Wanted), the third exhibition by HuskMitNavn in the gallery.

København Søges revolves around the citys overlooked and oblique places and its forgotten individuals. The exhibition shows the remains of the industrial society and its inhabitants whom the city sanitation hasnt yet been able to clean out. This is portrayed in a color scheme that reaches from the bleached color photographs to the nicotine spotted tapestry of the pubs.

The viewer is presented to prosaic everyday pictures from the local pub with its inventory consisting of dodgy characters, the aging barber looking out the window, the classic Copenhagen apartment with a toilet so small that ones feet stick out into the hallway when sitting down. The left behind industrial and factory areas, the backyards, the train tracks, workers, homeless, pensioners and children are also introduced to the visitor at the exhibition.

HuskmitNavn pays homage to the citys diversity through the exhibitions cityscapes and portraits; he fosters a love for the untouched, the forgotten, the refuges, the crooked, the smashed and the neglected in the city that surrounds us. København Søges visualizes a chapter in the capitals history that is about to be over and the changes that the city undergoes during these years.

København Søges consists of painting, drawings, installations, prints, and, as a new thing, HuskMitNavn has included photographic work.

København Søges is, with up to almost 100 works, HuskMitNavns largest exhibition to date.