Craft has become relevant in a time of upheaval, where climate change and its consequences challenge our existence. We have lived through a global pandemic and are now living with war in Europe and the Middle East. We are experiencing both an energy crisis and inflation, and what does that do to us? Art is the world's mirror, and in the exhibition eight artists show a path towards the sustainable, simple, personal and tangible as a contrast to the digital, the complex and the mass-produced. In the exhibition, this is expressed in ceramics, textiles, weaving and painting, and thematically in the processing of the great stories and mythologies.

The exhibition shows the diverse expression of the arts and crafts genre among younger artists in Denmark and puts the museum's collection of handicrafts into perspective.

- Skovgaard Museet 

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The following artists are participating in the exhibtion: Anna Fuglsang Houkjær, Anna Stahn, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Frederik Næblerød, Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir, Klara Lilja, Maria Zahle and Olivia Rode Hvass.

Exhibition period: February 3 - May 20. 2024