V1 Gallery is pleased to present


Today’s Special is a series of week-long presentations in V1 Gallery’s downstairs gallery.

Today’s Special opens on Tuesdays and expires on Saturdays.

Today’s Special is compiled by the V1 Gallery staff and friends of gallery.

Today’s Special #1 is on view from May 12 - 16. 2020. It features work from Geoff McFetridge, John Copeland, Monica Kim Garza, Frederik Nystrup-Larsen, Devin Troy Strother and Thomas Campbell.
It is compiled by gallery director Jesper Elg.

“The selection is a reflection on intuition, figuration, energy and craft. A group of interesting works that have been on my mind for various reasons, it felt like the exhibition made itself, on impulse” says Elg.

Remember today is special. Enjoy.