V1 Gallery is pleased to present Today’s Special

Today’s Special is a series of week-long presentations in V1 Gallery’s downstairs gallery.

Today’s Special opens on Tuesdays and expires on Saturdays.

Today’s Special is compiled by the V1 Gallery staff and friends of gallery.

My Body is a Landscape
My Body is a Battleground
My Body is an Erotic Encounter

Today’s Special #6, curated by Assistant Director Amanda Færk, presents works by Richard Colman, Asger Carlsen, Matthew Stone, Fryd Frydendahl, B. Thom Stevenson, Emma Kohlmann, Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist.

Today’s Special #6 is dedicated to what I would call altered landscapes of the human body – sculpted from photographs of informed body parts, carved from an ancient bust of Agrippina the Elder, absorbed in autoerotic gestures or illusive geometric postures, amorphous sculptural seatings, these works embrace the body in all its convulsive beauty, pain and disgust. Here the inanimate is so close to the animate that we are set free to imagine and reconsider the body beyond.

Remember today is special. Enjoy.