V1 Gallery is pleased to present:


Today’s Special is a series of week-long presentations in V1 Gallery’s downstairs gallery.

Today’s Special opens on Tuesdays and expires on Saturdays.

Today’s Special is compiled by the V1 Gallery staff and friends of gallery.

Today’s Special #3, titled Symposion, is on view from May 26 - 30. 2020. It features work from Emma Kohlmann, Klara Lilja, Anika Lori and Richard Colman. It is compiled by Assistant Director Astrid Wang.

“Philosophy, science, mythology, art and architecture - the legacy of classical antiquity is undeniable. We take its familiarity for granted; Ionian columns lend legitimacy to public buildings, another day, another miniature replica of Venus of Milo in the window of your local travel agency. But most of the details are lost in the mist of time. The reality of the ancients remains a mystery that captivates the curiosity of artists and audience alike. Presenting works from six artists whose expressions diverge widely, Symposion explores an open-ended narrative of classical antiquity and its enduring impact on the contemporary imagination”, says Wang.

Remember today is special. Enjoy.