White Noise Drawn Together

A group exhibition with:

Marc Bell (CAN), Michelle Blade (US), CF (US), Kevin Hooyman (US), Cody Hudson (US), Isaac Lin (US), Alex Lukas (US), Chris Lux (US), Pauliina Mäkelä (FI), Kyle Mock (US), Jay Nelson (US), Erika Somogyi (US), Mike Swaney (CAN), Jessie Rose Vala (US), Casey Watson (US), Justin B. Williams (US), Andrew Jeffrey Wright (US), Akroe (FR), Carl Krull (DK), Jakob S. Boeskov (DK), Levent Bøilerehauge (DK), Jan Danebod (DK), Finsta (SE), Jenni Rope (FI), Rasmus Juul (DK), Martin Kellerman (SE), KRSN (FR), Caleb Neelon (US), Parra (NL), Jakob Martin Strid (DK), Katherine de Place Bjørn (DK).

V1 Gallery proudly presents WHITE NOISE DRAWN TOGETHER, a group exhibition with 32 select artists from the US, Finland, Holland, Sweden, France and Denmark. The exhibition is curated by HuskMitNavn (DK) and Justin B. Williams (US).

One of Denmark's most popular artists, HuskMitNavn, and the young American shooting star, Justin B. Williams, has melted two exhibitions into one. WHITE NOISE DRAWN TOGETHER gathers 32 select artists, including legends, up-and-coming and established artists, who all have made an impression on the two curators with drawing as the focal point. Justin B. Williams has focused on actual content and themes, while HuskMitNavn has explored visual styles. The works from the two exhibitions are interlaced in the gallery space, creating a synthesis between style and theme, gender and nationality, time and place.

WHITE NOISE DRAWN TOGETHER creates an impressive overview over the current state of drawing and highlights the importance of the drawing as an artistic medium.

HuskMitNavn (b. 1975) is one of the most important names on the contemporary Danish art scene. He has exhibited in museums, galleries and public areas worldwide. His artistic expression is primarily the drawing, however he has also recently impressed reviewers and art lovers with his paintings, installations and sculptures. HuskMitNavn lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. For further information please visit: and

Justin B. Williams (b. 1985) lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He has previously exhibited in North America, Australia, Athens and Denmark. For further information: and