An exhibition by Carl Krull

Carl Krull has made a series of 22 incredible drawings for his second solo show Seismic at V1 Gallery. Six of the drawings where made from the passenger seat on a road- trip across the United States in 2013. As a human seismograph he sat with the paper rolled around a tube drawing one line after another, incorporating or letting every bump in the road affect the flow of lines. The drawings becoming topographical maps of the journey and their creation.

In an almost sculptural manner, Carl Krull seems to break with the two-dimensional surface of the paper. He employs drawing techniques that simultaneously act as obstructions and potential. The obsessiveness of the line work is an ongoing exploration. Rather than having contours that outlines a subject, an abundance of lines seems to protrude the subject.
As a spectator your eye is constantly on the move. Your eyes start a journey following a straight line from the edge of the paper, moving horizontally towards the center, the line rises – sometimes thickens – and falls back down before it makes a turn in the shape of an eye and runs back parallel with itself to return to the edge of the paper just below its starting point.

Faces and shapes resembling natural phenomenons such as tree rings and stalactite caves press through this grit of lines in playful and whimsical shifts. They are in a constant flux of change as in a state of dissolution and creation, being and not being. The large formats (eg. 172 X 118 cm) that characterize Carl Krull’s works intensify the spectator’s journey. Carl Krulls’ surreal universe is a place where everything is under constant transformation in an almost meditative flow and where the artistic process is as vital as the works. Carl works as a performer, sculptor and draughtsman.

Carl Krull (b. 1975) lives and works in Denmark. He has a Master of Arts from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland and San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He has been exhibiting at Aros, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark, Charlottenborg Kunsthalle, Denmark and abroad at Flatfile Galleries, Chicago, USA and Art Studio Itsukaichi, Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan. It’s Carl Krull’s second solo show at V1 gallery.