A solo exhibition by Asger Carlsen

Where is the line if it even exists between right and wrong?
The discussion is just as old and universal as humankind's life on earth. And just as relevant today as it was then, as British art comet Matthew Stone and New York City based Danish artist Asger Carlsen display in two separate, new exhibitions at V1 Gallery. Boundaries are drawn with chalk, only to be blurred by moving bodies, and the gaps that are left, are filled with hope and shattered dreams, deceptions and sincerity, fragile beings and strong emotions, quirky smiles and ambitious visions.

Stone and Carlsen direct the light and the dark towards determination and shortcomings, attraction and separation, closeness and distance. Using photography as a tool Carlsen and Stone explore grey areas and hidden worlds in the twilight zone between genre, media, morals and humans.

Asger Carlsen (b. 1973) has miscreated an attractive, disheartening and joyful freak show entitled Wrong. Using alchemy, darkness and an unrestricted imagination he has adorned a parallel world populated by very normal and very strange humans, humanoids, animals and landscapes. One gets the feeling that he like Mary Shelley's doctor and other scientists feels a profound fondness for his creations. He lets the viewer wonder and ponder, simultaneously entertained, attracted, confused, choked or disturbed by the twisted black and white moments that exist outside time and space.

Asger Carlsen does Wrong. Premeditated abstract wrong evolves into snapshots that are strangely familiar and mundane. Carlsen taps into a murky subconscious river that runs through all of us. We know we are looking at a manipulated reality, but it is as tangible as the real. This limbo creates space for the observers own imagination and interpretation. Asger Carlsen wants you to wonder at the world.

The American critic, curator and publisher Tim Barber called Wrong the best work he had seen all year. In conjunction with the exhibition, the critically acclaimed, Mörel Books will publish the work as a book.