For Paris Photo 2023 V1 Gallery presents More Than a Single View. Bringing together new work from Peter Funch (DK), Fryd Frydendahl (DK), Kingsley Ifill (UK), Barry McGee (US) and Asger Carlsen (DK/US), the presentation explores the relationship between truth, fiction, memory and the role of historiography and portraiture in contemporary photography.

Funch’s ongoing project Possibilities of the Future, shot inside WW2 bunkers built along the European west coast investigates the construction of historical truth, while Frydendahl’s surreal works break with conventions of portraiture. Ifill’s photographic travel logs seem to stem from an archival fever, something he shares with McGee’s street photography, captured at all hours and around the world with whatever camera is at hand. Finally, Carlsen’s AI-composed photos pushes the artificial into the realm of reality. Together, they each challenge and expand the conventions of photography.
We look forward to seeing you in Paris next week in Booth E12!

Grand Palais Éphémère
Place Joffre
Avenue Charles Risler
75007 Paris

November 8 - 12. 2023
Wednesday by invitation only
Thursday - Saturday 13.00 - 20.00
Sunday 13.00 - 19.00

With generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

For any inquiries, please contact


Friday November 10. 15.00
Peter Funch will be signing 42nd and Vanderbilt and several other of his publications

Saturday November 11. 13.00
Fryd Frydendahl will be signing of the publication Salad Days

Saturday November 11. 15.00
Kingsley Ifill will be signing the publication Mind Without Mind