17-19 MAY

Find V1 Gallery's presentation Entangled Life at booth 20

Liljevalchs / Spritmuseum

Thursday 16 May: Professional preview by invitation only
Friday 17 May: 15.00–19.00
Saturday 18 May: 11.00–18.00
Sunday 19 May: 11.00–15.00

On the occasion of Market Art Fair 2024, V1 Gallery is pleased to present Entangled Life, a group presentation with 10 artists.

Entangedled Life is a curated presentation inspired by Merlin Sheldrake’s quietly radical book: Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures. The book raises questions around our anthropocentric understanding of the universe and proposes new possibilities for a future ecology and understanding, de-centring the dominant anthropocentric understanding of the universe and proposing new possibilities for a critical ecology of the future. The presentation explores Sheldrake’s ideas and themes and features artworks that engage with and expand the ongoing conversation.

This group of artists form a beautiful, dynamically interconnected network themselves, spanning a variety of media, age ranges, nationalities and gender. All the artists will present new works.

Rose Eken (b. 1976, DK), Mischa Pavlovski Andresen (b. 1990, DK), Klara Lilja (b. 1989, DK), Anton Funch (b. 1992, DK), Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen (b. 1977, DK), Sara-Vide Ericson (b. 1983, SE), Loji Höskuldsson (b. 1987, IS), Thomas Øvlisen (b. 1974, DK), Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989, US) and Troels Carlsen (b. 1973, DK).


Please contact for any inquiries.
We will send out the full list of works with prices when the fair opens.