Lucky Accidents is a series of new works on paper. The title reflects on Crone’s work approach, planning or conceptualizing a starting point for a work and then as it evolves, letting go by nurturing the accidental or impulsive parts that surface in the process. This process emphasizes the autonomy of each piece. Autonomy plays a large part in Ulrik Crone’s work, the personal is the political and we shape things and they shape us. The series reflect on the difficult relationship between society and self. A classic democratic dilemma.

Thematically the works touch on hooliganism, police superiority, the carnivalization of sexuality, society under surveillance, celebrity culture and the need for relief. To pay attention, to speak up and question the status quo. Two of the works in the series are collaborative pieces between legendary Danish rock photographer Jorgen Angel and Crone.

Ulrik Crone is an artist, documentary film director and late night radio host. This summer he created a large temporary site-specific work in Brooklyn, USA. He has recently shown at Malmo Art Museum, Sweden, and his latest film Me & Jesper has received critical praise.