Eighteen presents


A group exhibition of ten painters featuring:

Eddie Martinez, Bill Adams, Marcus Jahmal, James Ulmer, Derek Aylward, Rafael Delacruz, Patrick Walsh, Ulrich Wulff, Adrianne Rubenstein and Odessa Straub.

Peanuts explores the contemporary language of figurative painting when the composition balances on a knife’s edge between elegant disaster and intuitive gratification. The visual diversity of the exhibition is wonderfully eclectic, here radical and refined go hand in hand. There is a vibrating coherence in the group of painters Martinez has gathered for Peanuts - a love for, a trust in, and an ambition with painting. Not unlike the visual mindset of Asger Jorn and the CoBrA collective that we in Northern Europe know so well, yet often forget the meaning of. In the beginning was Painting.