Millions For Nonsense But Not One Cent For Entropy
– Matt Damhave’s first solo exhibition with V1 Gallery II.

OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY 19.01.2018. TIME 17.00 – 21.00
EXHIBITION PERIOD 19.01. – 24.02.18

Bamn Boomzled. Through ink, thread, cut paper, appropriated print, and paint the work Bamn Boomzled,
49 x 42 cm, 2018, tells a tale of America's first generation of the televised world - from Mouseketeers to
student revolutionaries to suburban life. It is a multi-layered and meticulously marked image, information
dense, flickering with the static and distortion surrounding any history. The title riffs on BAMN, By Any
Means Necessary, an acronym that was used by radicals in the 1960s. These radicals were primarily
baby boomers, thus the boom in the nonsense word Boomzled. When joined, the two words BAMN and
Boomzled sound like Bamboozled - as in to "have been tricked".
Loaded with information, multifaceted and labour intensive, Damhave’s works challenge the viewer and
demands attention from the outset. The new works are crafted from a wide variety of media and packs an
eclectic collection of informed visual and literary references. Each work is an open riddle that will lead you
astray, through rabbit holes, cognitive labyrinths, hula hoops, loop holes and into the company of
flâneurs, poets and thinkers.

The new body of work connects history, now and future. It has the lure of appealing journal entries from a
genius or madman that you are not quite sure if you are supposed to discover. Beautiful secrets.
Matt Damhave, born 1978, lives and works in New York and studied at the Maryland Institute College of
Art (1997-1999). He co-founded the fashion project Imitation of Christ (2000-2001). Damhave has
developed a distinct visual practice that is informed by curiosity, empathy and a unique combination of
past and current engagements.

He has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, interior designer, dress maker, stylist, and DJ. He has
made audio visual work under the name Unchi Neko. In 2012, he began mending and constructing
garments under the name Johnson Family Outfitters. As a graphic designer, he frequently collaborates
with the Tokyo based brand Cav Empt.
Prior exhibitions have been arranged based on literal forms, Deleuze'n My Mind, Half Gallery, New York,
2016, was an illustrated essay and Help Is On Delay, White Columns, New York, 2015, was akin to a
novel. Millions For Nonsense But Not One Cent For Entropy can be regarded more as an anthology of
short stories. For New York Art Book Fair 2017 Damhave created a new journal and a screen print with
Trojan Horse and V1 Gallery, both will be available during the exhibition.