V1 Gallery presents


An exhibition by Julie Koldby, Martin Brandt Hansen & Mikkel Ørsted

Folds, blackened fingers, heat, repetition, expansions, cuts. Three young artists engage with fine art print making, as media, process and concept. The exhibited works take their departure in traditional techniques such as photogravure and etching, but also explore the graphic line in relation to painterly exchanges and stoneware.

Artists Julie Kolby and Mikkel Ørsted, in collaboration with V1 Gallery, have curated a curious exhibition about printmaking as a method and its resonance in other media and work processes. In SOFT SKIN the artists navigate agile and malleable surfaces which make the works vibrate between subtle grains of sand and weighty stoneware, ethereal airbrush and razor-sharp etchings, mythical creatures and volcano-scapes. It is in the gaps between these positions that the exhibition investigates and challenges the relation between movement, surface and tools.

Julie Kolby, b. 1993, Copenhagen, Denmark is currently undertaking her MFA in sculpture at Royal College of Art in London (2022). Martin Brandt Hansen, b. 1990, Nuuk, Greenland, is currently undertaking his MFA (school of sculpture) at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2021). Mikkel Ørsted, b. 1988, Roskilde Denmark, holds a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2020). This is their first exhibition with V1 Gallery.