Maybe Not Today Or Tomorrow...
An exhibition by Jesper Dalgaard

Sending a sculpture into the stratosphere is no easy task. Jesper Dalgaard started toying with the idea many years ago. Dalgaard has always worked with an element of science fiction, utopia and potentially dystopia in his sculptural works. Hanging planets, capsules and otherworldly structures made from a variety of materials. He has turned museums and galleries into strange futuristic architectural landscapes and found potential in man leaving earth for settlements in uncharted areas of the universe.

For his latest sculptural project and film he collaborated with The Technical University of Denmark sending a stratospheric ballon attached to a planet sculpture mounted with 3 lightweight HD cameras, 36 kilometers up into the sky. In the multiscreen installation you leave earth on a magnificent trip on a green planet surrounded by a strange wooden structure. As you rotate into the sky you are filled with a sense of hope but also a sting of hubris. This duality is typical for the work of Dalgaard, that often examines the fine line between potential and outright disaster. With the new installation Dalgaard offers the viewer a new perspective on his practice; instead of observing the sculptures from the outside, we are invited onboard to enjoy the view from the inside.

Jesper Daalgard, born 1974, Denmark, lives and works in Copenhagen. Dalgaard is a unique artist working with a sci-fi idea and philosophy that spills into a variety of artistic mediums. Dalgaard has recently created solo shows at Stadtgalerie Kiel (2012), Germany and Kunsthal Nord (2012), Denmark. A large-scale sculpture is currently on view at Secret Garden III at Museum Gl. Holtegaard, Denmark. In 2012 a monograph on Dalgaard’s work “WE ALL HAD A STRONG SENSE OF BEING PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL – BUT WERE WE REALLY?" was published. This project is generously supported by The Danish Arts Council.