An exhibition by Dearraindrop

V1 proudly presents the American artist collective DEARRAINDROP visiting Denmark for the first time with the exhibition V-B.

DEARRAINDROP consists of Laura Grant, Billy Grant and Joe Grillo from USA. In spite of their young age (between 22 and 26 years) they are already a wellknown name in the American art world. The group have thus already had solo exhibitions at Deitch Projects in New York and Hanna Fushihara in Tokyo along with numerous group exhibitions worldwide.

Experiencing an exhibition by DEARRAINDROP is like licking a stamp destined for another dimension. Their works startle the viewer and absorbs him/her into a psychedelic parallel world where the observations and objects of everyday life mix with mythical images formed by the subconscious. In DEARRAINDROP's world past and present, black/white and colours and reality and fiction are two sides of the same coin. Contrasts explode and melt together in surreal symphonies.

The exhibition V-B partly revolves around Virginia Beach (thus the title V-B), where DEARRAINDROP was formed and still live and work, and partly around a series of imaginary dream concerts with dead and living artists united across (and in spite of) time and place. V-B consists of six large canvasses and numerous smaller illustrations and paintings, all in high contrast neon colours. As an extra feature a pair of 3D-glasses have been made especially for viewing the exhibition.

At first sight the works of DEARRAINDROP seem to be from a different world, but they also clearly reflect the American society of today. Their art follows the path paved by people and movements such as Warhol's pop art, Keith Haring, Charles Crumb, Michael Jackson, science fiction , folk art and 70s psychedelic art.

We are looking forward to seeing you in 3D.