V1 Gallery is pleased to present

Colossal Youth
A solo exhibition by Oliver Sundqvist


Why hire a jumping castle?

The original track consisted of a series of bright orange sections (pieced together to form an oblong, circular track), with one (or sometimes two) “superchargers” (faux service stations featuring battery-powered spinning wheels, which would propel along the tracks).

An energy field created by all living things that binds the galaxy together.

It introduced elements such as their masks, catchphrases, love of pizza and distinct personalities.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Two dominant personality traits are fiery temper and upbeat attitude to life. Starts in a happy mood, without a care in the world. A popular pastime enjoyed as a child.

Any objects can be part of the track.

These themes of collecting are present in almost every version.

(Ring toss)

- Oliver Sundqvist, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021

What at first seems a formless assemblage of different materials dressed in plaster, and coated in rich, shiny layers of electric colors, Colossal Youth reveals upon closer look a vast cast of 28 amorphous playmates and juveniles called to life as colossal characters.

Oliver Sundqvist (born 1991, Sweden) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sundqvist holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Copenhagen, Denmark (2020). His MFA Degree project, The Perception of Narcissus, was presented at Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2020). For the past three years, he has exhibited and collaborated with the Danish artist Frederik Nystrup-Larsen. Recent group exhibitions include Under/Over (East), Marta, New York, USA (2021), De Oro en su Núcleo, Pradiauto, Madrid, Spain (2021), and Zero, Side Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021). Recent solo exhibitions- and collaborative projects include 300kg Beauty Bath, Mindcraft Projects, a digital- and later physical presentation at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021), Off License Cash Only, a sculpture supermarket pop-up, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019), Kiki Beach Club, a sculptural seating series, CHART Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019), How to Build a Blanket Fort in collaboration with Tuborg, Spacon & X and V1 Gallery, Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2019), and Soft Boxing, a luminous exhibition at Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019). Colossal Youth is his first solo exhibition at V1 Gallery. The exhibition will be accompanied by a rich illustrated catalogue zine available in-gallery and online.