V1 Gallery presents
A solo exhibition by Ashley Macomber

Ashley Macomber has in the past few years been shining bright on the international art sky. Her enigmatical portraits of hybrids gave her international fame and since then she has exhibited at some of the most important galleries in the US. Ashley Macomber has exhibited twice in V1 Gallery along with other artists. This is her first solo exhibition in Europe.
In Bluejean Biology Ashley Macomber reveals the fragility and complexity of human relationships and paints a portrait of the young generation's search for identity in a society without history. Her works spins a visual and emotional web of power dynamics, vulnerability and love which is hard to avoid falling into both in life and in the exhibition.

Faceless women, antique pop art and manipulated paintings draped in riddles and question marks make out a rule book outlining how we construct our reality and personal identity in a society that has forgotten history and replaced it with current cultural references. And how we seek to adjust human relationships and feelings to the neatly cut prototypes produces by mass media and pop culture, where plot and causality reigns over insecurity and complexity. Underneath it all runs the collective unconsciousness with hot and cold currents of desire and power.

Bluejean Biology questions the way we relate to the world and each other. And gives the finger to the modern society's polished worldview that prioritizes should instead of want, even though the individual freedom in the Western world has never been greater. Bluejean Biology consists of painting, installation, video and sculpture.

Ashley Macomber works and resides in Los Angeles. She is part of the progressive and influential art milieu on the West Coast - a milieu that has defined young American art since the legendary curator Aaron Rose, created the seminal nomadic exhibition Beautiful Losers. Ashley has among other worked with Creative Time (NY), Clementine Gallery (NY), Kavi Gupta Gallery (CA), New Image Art Gallery (LA), White Box (NY), Deste Foundation Center for Contemporary Art (Athen) and latest Proyectos Monclovos (Mex). She has been included in several international art publications such as Tokion book Revisionaries, Anthem Magazine, Flaunt, Art Forum, Loyal Magazine og ANP Quarterly.