When visiting Mads Hilbert's exhibition Verdure in V1 Gallery, please don't miss out on his sketches that are exhibited in our side gallery space. Hilbert drew the sketches as part of the process of creating the works for the exhibition, but they are also artworks in their own right. As Hilbert says:

“I like to refer to my drawings as small paintings and to my paintings as sketches. Then I’m more daring when I paint and make more of an effort when I draw”.


Mads Hilbert
Skitse til Bed / Sketch for Flowerbed, 2024
Watercolour and colour pencil on paper
30 x 45 cm (unframed)

Mads Hilbert
Skitse til Dunhammerbed / Sketch for Cattail Flower Bed, 2024
Pencil on paper
30 x 42 cm (unframed)