The Fool’s Journey, opening this Friday May 3, is a group exhibition gathering 22 internationally acclaimed artists working in different media. Each have been invited to interpret a tarot card from the Major Arcana, which is comprised of 22 cards within the tarot deck that depict the main stages or events that can happen in one’s life.

The tarot card The Magician is here interpreted by artist Siri Elfhag. The magician means pure will, imagination, creativity and manifestation. This card represents transformation, alchemy, conscious awareness and the powers that underlie our creative impulses. 

"One arm reaches for the sky and the other towards the deep darkness, but they always come together, like the snake biting its own tail. You find yourself temporarily lost in a thick cloud, a smokescreen. And then it fades, and you see more clearly, the arms embrace you like a hug" - Siri Elfhag