Random Happenings forms the frame for an exhibition with a list of Danish and international documentary photographers. A common ground for the seven photographers is their offbeat approach to the documentary photography, which they challenge by not wanting to document reality in a historical context but rather by telling the truth as they see it. The photographers portray reality as it is before our own eyes, but at the same time their pictures also capture the history which is otherwise often lost at the glimpse of the eye. Random Happenings is curated by Peter Funch.

Dash Snow US
Since his youth Snow Dash has carried his polaroid camera by his side. He documents the dark sides of New York in an aggressive style full of dissipated nerve endings. At V1 the 23-year old cardinal VICE-photographer exhibits 25 polaroids from New York in large formats. The pictures are from a series called 'Moments like these never last'.

Asger Carlsen DK
The Danish photographer Asger Calsen is capable of capturing a moment in a person's life which tells a story about the person's past, present and future. Consequently his works seem almost transgressively personal although the motives are oftentimes apparantly neutral. Asger Carlsen has won a long list of international photo prizes.

Julian Röder D
Julian Röder is a 24-year old Wunderkind on the German art and photography scene. He is in spite of his young age one of the leading photographers in Germany. As a member of the famous leftist photo agency Ostkreuz he has for several years photographed big international demonstrations with a sociological twist. His picture style ranges from grandiose pompousness and sentimental tenderness without being intrusive. Besides the upcoming exhibiton at V1 Gallery his works have been exhibited at Kunsthalle Göppingen and Museum für Photographie.

Jason Fulford US
Jason Fulford is a photographer based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He has photographed for magazines such as New York Times Magazine, Newsweek and Life, done book covers for writers such as Don DeLillo, Terry Eagleton and Bertrand Russel and published two books through his own publishing firm J&L Books, a leading and experimental publishing firm on the independent art scene. His ability to see the spectacular in the insignificant and the touching in the bizarre is rarely seen elsewhere.

Simon Høgsberg DK
Simon Høgsberg's style is easily recognizable - sharp as a razor and fragile as porcelain. At V1 he exhibits his project from Marble Arch in London from 2002. As a poetic paparazzi Simon Høgsberg photographed passer by's on Marble Arch over the course of four seasons. The result is a moving portrait of intimicy and distance of the people who roam the city's streets on a daily basis.

Michele Abeles US
Michele Abeles studies photography and art at Yale University. She has exhibited multiple times with the Swedish art magazine Loyal Magazine - among others at an exhibition Loyal curated at V1 Gallery. Abeles has been appointed Emerging Talent by the photo agency Art & Commerce and in connection with the title she will exhibit in New York later this year. Abeles' portraits of every day Americans form a surreal universe which is at times affectionate, at times absurd and sometimes even abberant.

Peter Funch
Peter Funch works project oriented and conceptually with themes such as reality or lack thereof. Peter Funch has won numerous phography awards and has previously exhibited at V1 Gallery with the exhibition 'Las Vegas - Made by Man'.