14 Dec 2018 -

Art is the gift that keeps giving.

V1 Gallery and Eighteen will be closed for the holidays from December 22, 2018 – January 2, 2019. Hesselholdt & Mejlvang – Eternal Flame will be hanging at Eighteen through January 12, 2019.

The V1 Gallery Store will be active during the holidays, but please be aware that orders placed from December 22, 2018 – January 2, 2019 will not be shipped before January 3, 2019.

For urgent matters please contact

We wish you a happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2019.
Celebrated artist and multidisciplinary creator, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, has created a new V1 Gallery product line titled FILTH. Shop the mug and t-shirts at the V1 Gallery Store. Earlier this year, DeWitt created a small zine revolving around his collaboration with Kanye West. Get it here while stock last. We still have a few of DeWitt’s silkscreen prints left in stock. They will help you keep your new year’s resolutions in check.
Our new silkscreened cotton t-shirt released in collaboration with Brooklyn-based B. Thom Stevenson. Combining Stevenson’s bold, post-modern multimedia artwork, an inflammatory poem and the V1 Gallery logo. Grab this one of a kind while stock lasts. By recycling and re-using images and words, B. Thom keep challenges our use of language and semiotics as communicative tools, breaking down norms and cultural modes of representation. B. Thom frequently collaborates with other artists and fashion brands (recently collaborators count Fool’s Gold Records, Junya Watanable, Commune and Mark Jacobs). A selection of B. Thom’s self-published publications, zines, playing cards and silkscreen prints is available at the V1 Gallery Store.
Berlin-based artist Peter Funch just received the Director Einar Hansen and wife Vera Hansens Art, Design and Architecture price for his photographs of cultural landscapes, human behavior, urbanism and cosmopolitanism feels “creepy and stalkery in a very nice way… a kinder, gentler kind of surveillance,” as Douglas Coupland wrote in the foreword to the acclaimed 42nd & Vanderbilt book from 2017. A modern take on photo documentarism. The book is now back in stock. Also, stop by V&A’s new Photographic Centre, during Christmas Holidays, where their acquisition of 15 works from the series are on display.
Our artists continue poignantly to speak to us, cultivating their artistic voices and visions, combining new-media forms in their self-published art zines. We find it very invigorating. Find the latest selection of artist books and zines in our current show MINE II, through December 22, and at the V1 Gallery Store.
We will open up next year’s exhibition programme with a strong presentation of solo exhibitions by female artists Emma Kohlmann and Monica Kim Garza. Both working with a sexualized imagery of immediate subversive postures in vibrating color combinations that gawk directly into our understanding of self and our sexual psyche. The anti/pop cultural narratives speak to the rejoining and conjoining, absence and separation. It is about being limitless. It is about being transgressive. Get a taste of what is yet to come with a fine selection of limited-edition silkscreen prints and zines at the V1 Gallery Store.