10 Mar 2022 -

V1 Gallery is pleased to present Preaching to the Echo, a new limited lithographic print from the Copenhagen-based artist Anton Funck.

“Lithography feels to me like a way to immortalize an image, a way to let it go and transform into a hundred echoes instead of a single shout.” – Anton Funck

Instantly recognizable by his celestial shadings, Preaching to the Echo traces the evolution of Anton Funck’s (b. 1992, Copenhagen, Denmark) unique visual vocabulary through his printing practice. Symmetrical diagrams of concave shapes and circular forms, suns and moons cut in half by diagonal lines, rays of lights, and mirrored in water. Printmaking seems to Funck above all an organic process, and as such Preaching to the Echo is as much a rhythmical exploration on form as an abstract meditation on nature’s endless cyclical movements: light, shadow, darkness, light.

Employing the ancient technique of printmaking, Preaching to the Echo explores an intersection of craft, intuition and repetition through different stages. As the artist says: “It becomes this sort of journey that demands one to be patient, yet attentive and brave. You won’t really know the result before you reach the end, and compared to more fluid disciplines such as painting or writing, “the end” is clearly defined as you wash away your motif prior to that first print.”

Preaching to the Echo is available now in a limited edition of 20, all signed and numbered by the artist on front, in-gallery and online at

Anton Funck
Preaching to the Echo, 2022
Lithographic print on 220 gr. handmade paper
66,5 x 50 cm (unframed)
74 x 56 cm (framed)
Edition of 20
Signed and numbered by the artist
€ 300 (unframed) / € 600 (framed in handmade blue painted maple frame)

© V1 Gallery and the artist