23 Mar 2022 -

For the Lumières Nordiques festival, 2022, in Normandy, Peter Funch (b. 1974, DK) presents his new project, Possibilities of the Future – Realities from the Past, which follows the footsteps of the Atlantic Wall. The series consists of black/white photographs in large format, shot inside the defunct fortification system commissioned by Nazi-Germany along the European west coast. Juxtaposing the bunker as an embodied relic of war and trauma, with the sea as a symbol of potential futures – light and dark, Funch’s photographic perspective crystallises the haunting nature of our collective past(s). Today, as we find ourselves in the era of the so called post-modern, after the apparent end of history, these images act as a reminder that we are yet subject to its paradoxical, unseen forces.

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Peter Funch
Lindesnes Fyr, Norway, 2021, 2019
Pigment print on Hahnemuhle paper in black painted pine frame with museum glass
100 x 125 cm (unframed) / 106 x 131 cm (framed)
Edition of 5 plus 2 artist’s proofs
€ 6,500
© V1 Gallery and the artist