20 Oct 2020 -

“A simple elegance defines the work of Geoff McFetridge. Each color, figure, and movement  encapsulates an idea with the poetry of economy. No wasted strokes, no wasted communication, just the expert rendering of people doing everyday things that speak to a greater conversation about our shared world. The Los Angeles-based painter, fresh off a major collaboration with Apple and the Apple Watch, is about to open his fifth solo show with the V1 Gallery family, These Days are Nameless, and even for him, there is a stripped back, almost blunt articulation in both works and presentation. “We have no words to describe the state of things”, the press release reads, “yet this is the title, the Name. Full of images that exist outside of language. They give a name to the time.” That is sort of where we are all at, isn’t it?” – Evan Pricco at Juxtapoz Magazine

These Days are Nameless will feature new painting, video and sound installation. Learn more.

Opening October 23, 2020
Exhibition period October 24 – November 21, 2020

Geoff McFetridge
Cacophony of Individuals, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
114,5 x 127 cm