17 Oct 2016 -

Great interview in Dazed with Cali Thornhill DeWitt on his newest exhibition in Eighteen:

“For the exhibition, DeWitt co-opted vintage US flags, detailing on them various points in US history. Using a combination of the languages of haiku poetry, breaking news, text messages and old-school TV shops, (…). The work, DeWitt explains, plays on events that stand out in recent memory, “it’s 29 American flags, each one referencing an important moment in American history. Some very well known, some a little less. They’re all events that have held my attention for one reason or another. (…) Among the moments chosen, many garnered fear – driven or created by the press. It’s a concept that DeWitt drew upon in his selection, “mostly the fears of what mankind is capable of. How lost you can get. How far off track you can get. Self-obsession. Media assault. When I was 10 the news had me convinced I was going to die by nuke at any moment. And that if I looked at the explosion my eyes would melt!”

You can read the full interview here.