V1 Gallery presents
A new exhibition and installation by Ulrik Crone

It is an honour to present Disintegration - Ulrik Crone's first separate exhibition in Copenhagen in three years. Ulrik has for the past few years been working with mixing materials from different media: painting, photo, print on canvas and computer print, to create a unique expression.

At V1 Ulrik expands his repertoire with works that have been produced in the room for the room. In this way Disintegration turns into a complete installation which spreads at the site. Ulrik Crone has in his past works commented on general tendencies in our society, but with Disintegration his work is more specific.

Ulrik focuses on the outsiders - for instance criminals - with obvious symbolic parallels to the artist's role and position in society. With Disintegration Ulrik also works with defining and commenting power structures and the rules of the game in our society from his own punky perspective. Ulrik Crone has for several periods worked, lived and exhibited in Paris. The latest exhibition was "Measuring the serpent from top to tail with a rubber tape" i La Galerie Danoise in January 2003.

It is a pleasure to welcome Ulrik Crone back home.