V1 Gallery is pleased to present:

Today's Special #4
Today’s Special is a series of week-long presentations in V1 Gallery’s downstairs gallery.
Today’s Special opens on Tuesdays and expires on Saturdays.
Today’s Special is compiled by the V1 Gallery staff and friends of the gallery.

Borrowing from the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s Anthem I have titled Today’s Special #4 There Is a Crack In Everything, That's How the Light Gets In. It is on view from June 2 - 6. 2020. It features work from Peter Sutherland, Matthew Stone, Fryd Frydendahl, Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, Peter Funch, Sara-Vide Ericson and Chris Duncan.

In all this unwanted vacuum of isolation, social deprivation, limitation, closed borders and business’ hibernating – humanity facing dark times - it also denudes a newly defined optimism that not only sheds light on man, but also on the endless possibilities we are all composed of.

The use of light in art spans movements and manifests itself in varied forms. It can be soft and gentle, illuminate, radiate, provide, give and take power, burn, be harsh and dark and even sometimes violent. It can cast a glare or glow. Like all aspects of looking at a work of art, light doesn’t work in isolation but blends with colour, style and technique to create an overall effect. That evasive and intangible light is the recurring theme in the chosen works – it takes on many meanings and positions. And in the crack of everything art has the potential to connect.

Remember today is special. Enjoy.
Josephine Fity, Director