V1 Gallery is pleased to present

A solo exhibition by Mischa Pavlovski Andresen


“To care for yourself, cultivate the world.
To care for the world, cultivate yourself.”

Evolution is at the heart of the new body of work by Mischa Pavlovski Andresen. Constant change, not for better or worse, but a constant flow of more or less predictable and unpredictable reactions and relations. The nature of nature; the cycle of creation, existence, death and rebirth, the mundane and the magical, the states of being we find ourselves navigating, with or without our consent. In Pavloski Andresen’s paintings you sense the music of change. Plants, flowers and fungi grow wild. You feel the dramatic shift of the seasons, the heavy pull of the moon, and the radiant energy of the sun. Not a system in balance, but rather an acceptance of unruly evolution, where everything is interconnected, beyond our control. Every work in the exhibition affects the next, like pollen and spores travelling with inherent potential, every decision affects the following, or the one after that.

There is a primordial element to Pavlovski’s pictorial language, with references to pre-Christian stone sculptures, wood carvings and cave paintings, it is ancient contemporary, intuitively connecting us to the history of the earth. Time passes in the paintings; they sprout, take root, bloom, wither, decompose and begin again. The works are organic and mystical, an alluring semi-psychedelic art brut nouveau.

In a moment in time, where many are preoccupied with achieving a kind of existential balance, Evolution Sage offers space for just being. Acknowledging sorrows, joys, anxieties, restlessness, chaos, solitude, anger, longing, love and the myriad of human conditions that constantly arise. Being lost and found simultaneously. A transcendental journey without a set destination.

The exhibition takes its title and subtitle from a Magic: The Gathering card gifted to the artist by a friend.

Micha Pavlovski Andresen, born 1990 Denmark, lives and works in Copenhagen. Recent exhibitions include Listening To Bonfires, INDEBT, Amsterdam, Holland, 2021; Twisted Dream, John Wolf, Los Angeles, US, 2021; Sunset for Hunter and Gatherer, OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020. Pavlovski is a multifaceted créateur working within visual arts and various musical genres, performing in diverse musical outfits and creating otherworldly electronic compositions under his own name. Evolution Sage is Pavlovski’s second solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.