STATUS - Somewhere Between Position and Condition

A group exhibition featuring works by:

Jacob Holdt (DK) Wes Lang (US) Thomas Campbell (US) Matthew Stone (UK) Søren Behncke (DK) John Copeland (US) Brian Montuori (US) Jes Brinch (DK) Misaki Kawai (JP) Todd James (US) Ulrik Crone (DK) Richard Colman (US) Anika Lori (DK) DearRainDrop (US) Katherine Bernhardt (US) Andrew Schoultz (US) Andrew Sendor (US) Neckface (US) Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK) Peter Funch (DK) Shane Bradford (UK) Asger Carlsen (DK) Ashley Macomber (US) Jesper Dalgaard (DK) Kasper Sonne (DK) Mads Lynnerup (DK) Thomas Øvlisen (DK) Eddie Martinez (US) Ryan Schneider (US) Geoff McFetridge (US) Sarah Braman (US) Melanie Schiff (US) Misha Hollenbach (AU) Pica Pica (BE) Benji Whalen (US) HuskMitNavn (DK) Stephen Powers (US) Faile (US)

It is our great pleasure to open 2011 with the exhibition STATUS Somewhere Between Condition and Position -. The exhibition features an eclectic mix of artists and works in all artistic genres. The curatorial premises have been to ask the invited artists to present works, that they felt in someway reflected on their current position or condition. A seemingly innocent and straightforward proposition - but in actuality a rather tricky dilemma. We tend to perceive our current status as something permanent, a fixed point, a marker, while in reality status is subject to change. The exhibition aims to celebrate change, reflection, relation and new years resolutions broken in January. May 2011 bring change and positive uncertainty.