Eighteen is pleased to present

Doped, Roped And Horoscoped

A solo exhibition by Danny Fox

All of time
moving in a spiral
toward the center
Of a memory
where she sits,
the tongue flicking cobra
She turned my blood To Coca Cola
she was Hawaii On heroin,
not that I’ve ever been
The goat horned, bunny tailed
polka dotted, fish scaled
psychopathic, bitten nailed
bad magic and black veiled
Miss Universe
Where red earth Meets white sand
Palm trees bend Iike scorpion tails
Scarlet clouds gather around the distant mountain,
Heaven in a Chinatown basement
She puts out a cigarette on my eyeball
While I watch from fire escape
She cries in the bathroom
and I crawl through the pipes
Looking for silver tears,
Her purple kimono
Hung like a dead man
On the back of the door
The fridge stocked
With flowers and seedlings
A slice of my liver
In the sigh of an evening
I wait for her
In hollow churches
Void of song
And long for a symbol
Without meaning
Lay like machinery
In the meadows
Of death valleys
Super bloom
Call from blocked numbers
From hotels with
Gummed carpets
And dribble showers
Watching the boats
Fading with the dawn
On the smoking bay
In San Francisco

– Danny Fox, 2019

6 paintings on canvas and a large-scale, mixed media installation The Great America Strip Mall (The price of a shadow). An ode to Los Angeles. Off-center, sun-drenched, strip malls, endless periphery, cowboy constructions, idiosyncratic lettering, concrete colours, elegant junkies, character actors, coyote dreams, downtown maze, open always sometimes, charmingly aloof, beautiful decay. The fortune-teller predicts your future in her neon lit concrete cave. The heat, sex, violence, and promise of the city, entangled like the best and worst lovers. Danny Fox’s LA in Eighteen.

Danny Fox, born 1986, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA and his native St. Ives, UK. Upcoming and recent exhibitions include Punch (group exhibition), curated by Nina Chanel Abney, Deitch, Los Angeles, Some Mornings Catch a Wraith (solo exhibition), Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco, Blood Spots On Apple Flesh (solo exhibition), Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery, Luxenbourg, and Iconoclasts (group exhibition), Saatchi Gallery, London.

A new book published by Tarmac Press and V1 Gallery will be available on the occasion. An extensive monograph A Cut Above The Eye was published in 2018 by Trojan Horse Press and V1 Gallery. Doped, Roped and Horoscoped is Danny Fox’s second solo exhibition with Eighteen / V1 Gallery.