The Fool’s Journey, opening this Friday May 3, is a group exhibition gathering 22 internationally acclaimed artists working in different media. Each have been invited to interpret a tarot card from the Major Arcana, which is comprised of 22 cards within the tarot deck that depict the main stages or events that can happen in one’s life.

As the curator or ‘High Priestess,’ of the exhibition, Rose Eken pulled a card for each artist, thus it is the whim of the tarot spread that determined which card each artist was assigned. 

The Major Arcana card deck begins with the Fool, a symbol of innocence, ignorance and potential. His experiences as he learns, grows and makes his way through life are represented by the 21 cards that follow and is often referred to as “The Fool’s Journey".

In this series, we will share each card and their meaning. We are, of course, starting off with the card The Fool which Rose Eken pulled for the artist Loji Höskuldsson.

The Fool is innocence, naivety and new beginnings. This card represents curiosity, courage, possibilities, adventure, hope and optimism. The Fool card is numbered 0, the number of infinite potentials. 

"My fool’s journey is going to Ibiza, so the piece is a poetic homage to the Ibiza checklist. This unwavering naive belief on your own excellence to even consider popping down south to the sun, order the all-inclusive deal without realizing the reality when the destination is finally reached. The things you bring on such an adventure are built on ideas that you have gotten from stories told by the ones that have followed the same quest. You made all the booking by yourself, but it is all paid with mom’s credit card because you don’t have your own. You promise to pay her back with the money you earn during the summer job after your trip, unlike how you never paid her back fully after purchasing the Gucci belt. She doesn’t fully approve of this venture, but you convince her that this is something you’re mature enough to do".

Stay tuned here at our news section to read more about the rest of the cards and how the artist have interpreted them.

The contributing artists are:

Caroline Absher, Kinga Bartis, Anders Brinch, Sidse Carstens, Richard Colman, Rose Eken, Siri Elfhag, Frederik Exner, Seana Gavin, Nina Hartmann, Loji Höskuldsson, Emma Kohlmann, Noa Lachmi, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Camilla Mihkelsoo, Johanna Seidel, Apolonia Sokol,Sonya Sombreuil, Anna Stahn, Suzanne Treister, Albin Werle and Sif Itona Westerberg.

The Fool's Journey will open tomorrow Friday May 3. 16-21 in Eighteen, Slagtehusgade 18C, and will run through June 1. 


The Fool, 2024
Wool embroidery on burlap in floating oak frame
70 x 45 cm (unframed)
73 x 48 cm (framed)