An exhibition by Søren Behncke

Søren Behncke’s new exhibition Floodlight, in the gallery downstairs, consits of 6 paintings on found cardboard and 1 painting on canvas. The group of works were started in the early spring of 2014 inspired by Danish physicist Niels Bohr’s (1885 -1962) investigation of the theory of light. In the new works coloured light streams from lamp posts, traffic lights and pedestrian lights creating coloured floods of light that run through urban landscapes. The urban settings reflect Behncke’s trajectory of travels and residencies in the past year from Spain to USA.

Behncke is a masterful draftsman and painter. With this new group of works he once again ventures into a new painterly territory. The works all have a very limited palette, never exeeding five colours. The compositions are sparse and have the feeling of paper cut-outs, a gesture Behncke has visited in earlier works. But in these the silhouettes are at plat with the streams of light. These 7 works became the foundation for the very large public comission Behncke completed for the new Buisness Academy in Aarhus, Denmark, that opened in the late summer of 2014.