A solo exhibition by Richard Colman

Intense, vibrating, elusive and overwhelming, Noise, the new body of work from Richard Colman is bold. The combination of intricate composition and bright palette leaves your mind slightly dazed at first encounter, but taking in the 18 paintings on canvas, in various sizes, over time, themes and relations emerge.

Women, eyes, faces, bears, pottery, sculptural shapes and candles are joined and juxtapositioned in surreal geometry. The paintings are vessels for structure and chaos. They are contemporary in both composition and palette and at the same time ancient Greek in narrative and figure. They are strange vessels, immediate and complex at once. Instead of postulating or enforcing an order, the works seem to coexist with and navigate within chaos. A response and remedy to the constant noise surrounding us.

The new work is distinctly Richard Colman, but takes a departure from Colman’s earlier super detailed horror vacui approach to painting, a distillation of style, but not of content. Colman’s work still revolves around the human condition. Grotesque, humorous, magic, horrible, abstract, violent, sexy, mundane human existence.

Richard Colman, born 1976, Maryland USA, lives and works in San Francisco.
Richard Colman have exhibited extensively in Europe and America, most recently with New Image Art in Los Angeles. Noise is Colman’s third solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.