V1 Gallery presents

A solo exhibition by Mischa Pavlovski Andresen
October 26 - November 30, 2019

Gaze into the palantír, an ancient artefact from the world of adventure literature and you might be able to see and communicate with parts of the world in the distant past, present or future. Enter Mischa Pavlovski Andresen’s magical pictorial universe in the exhibition Palantír. It feels familiar, yet at the same time uncannily displaced. Present, future and past united in works that dreamingly exist with a rare immediacy. In works on paper and canvas, Pavlovski unfolds a joy in nature, things that grow, the fish on the table, the wine in the jug, and the sun’s path across the sky. A lonely nude wanderer, portrayed with cave painting-like line work, appear in several works, picking peaches, seated under a tree with his spear and knife in the ground by the trunk, a perplexed and wary eye on the beholder, or dinning alone, bottle in hand. He is a mysterious character that exudes a naïve and complex attitude and energy, both melancholic, meditative, fragile and content with being. He is unworldly in our world, but at home in his. A metaphysical, artistic metaphor for a feeling experienced by many today, but expressed by few. Pavlovski’s brush and pencil work is embedded with art theoretical references, he carries this legacy with a refreshing lightness, picking the right instrument from the art historical tool box, in order to do the job the image commands. He puts intuition and sentiment before all else in his work. Palantír offers new optics, free and tactilely psychedelic.

Micha Pavlovski Andresen, born 1990 Denmark, lives and works in Copenhagen. Pavlovski is a multifaceted créateur, working within visual arts and various musical genres, performing in diverse musical outfits and creating otherworldly electronic compositions under his own name. Palatír is Pavlovski’s first solo exhibition.