Eighteen presents

Love Is Not Enough BOY
A solo exhibition by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen





19.31 F: I’m sunbathing.

19.31 F: Haha relevant autocorrect. I'm stressing. 

19.41 A: Sometimes you feel behind sometimes    ahead, but time doesnt give a fuck. The feeling should be mutual.

19.42 F: [IMAGE]

20.14 A: Yes baby, looks expensive!

21.05 F: I can't find the photo of me butterfly-facepainted. Do you have it on your phone?

21.06 A: [IMAGE]

21.16 F: Wow. Gravity.

21.17 A: I wish I had known you as a kid.

14.05 F: This is gonna be the best I have ever made.

15.10 A: I want a coloured spotlight. Flashing.

15.11 A: You know future tense is nonexistent in the Sicilian language. Aeolian nightlife

15.20 F: I don’t speak Sicilian. Sounds difficult.

25 A: But you get why I don't care too much about legacy or bronze sculptures?! They are fake forevers or empty promises of forever. I want people to clap while I'm still in the room.

26 A: But actually no, I don't even care about anybody clapping…I just want to live forever NOW.

16.58 F: I want immortality too. I really believed I could become that in bronze.. or words maybe. But that's my fantasy - it's fragile today. People can clap after I've left the room. But that doesnt give me back my forever. Or whatever, all days should be endless. I know nothing, only that little things are key.

16.59 F: I’m full of cliches hahaha. Or just trying to be honest without the fluffy. These paintings are not made up of illusions. It's a personal reality check.

10.47 F: [IMAGE]

10.56 A: Is it a poem? Or your allergies?

11.02 F: Both. Everything can kill me. But only in spring they told me.

11.05 A: Super mortal in May.

11.06 F: Peeeeeerfect!!!

11.30 F: Should I place the world's best smile on the flower?

11.31 A: No that would be fucked

17.07 A: 18.32: Squeeeze me squeeeze time

19.21 F: I’m afraid I won't like it and won't be able to undo it.

19.28 A: But they have their backs turned on you right? Swimming towards the horizon.

19.29 F: Need to keep playing. And lose time.

20.12 A: I am on the tube now. Call you later. Leave your infinity pool.

23.05 F: Should I paint it that detailed? Serious, fun and violent.

23.18 A: [IMAGE]

23.23 F: Haha hardcore text. Squeeze all juice out of every second.

23.24 A: Yeah I feel like I am endurance smiling while pissing my pants. See me run around hunting supercharged minutes.

23. 26 F: Same. Low-key panicking and in love.

23.27 F: Do you think people understand that it's a love story?

14.55 F: I’m gonna sign on the front and it will read: Forever FNL.

14.56 F: The most scary thing in the world is time that will not happen.

Text messages between Nystrup-Larsen (F) in Copenhagen & Amanda Lydért (A) in London

Love Is Not Enough BOY consists of nine wall hung objects, somewhere beyond the traditional classifications of art, in the realms of sculpture, painting and installation, vibrating between figuration and abstraction.

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen (born 1992, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a MA from The Royal College of Art, sculpture department, London. His MA Degree project, The Private Collection, was presented at Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2020). For the past three years, he has made several exhibitions and collaborative projects with the Danish artist Oliver Sundqvist. Recent group exhibitions include Under/Over (East), Marta, New York, USA (2021), De Oro en su Núcleo, Pradiauto, Madrid, Spain (2021), and Zero, Side Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021). Recent solo exhibitions- and collaborative projects include 300kg Beauty Bath, Mindcraft Projects, a digital- and later physical presentation at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021), Off License Cash Only, a sculpture supermarket pop-up, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019), Kiki Beach Club, a sculptural seating series, CHART Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019), How to Build a Blanket Fort in collaboration with Tuborg, Spacon & X and V1 Gallery, Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2019), and Soft Boxing, a luminous exhibition at Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019). Love Is Not Enough BOY is his second solo exhibition at Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark.