Barry McGee creates vast, unpredictable and improvised organic installations. He incorporates paintings, ceramics, drawings, books, plants, photography, sculptures, found objects, works by other artists into immersive exhibitions that sprout and grow over the walls, floors and ceilings of the exhibition space.

Little Savageis a place to explore. Enjoy.

Barry McGee, born 1966, lives and works on the American West Coast in San Francisco. He works in a wide variety of media; painting on wood, ceramics, drawing, zines, photography, sculpture and large-scale installation. McGee refuses hierarchies of material or subject matter and all formats are treated equally. McGee’s artistic style incorporates a multitude of inspirations – American folk art, sign making, Op Art and graffiti. His work is influenced by, and reflects upon contemporary society, especially those that tend to be left behind by it, or choose not to play by its rules. In the recent body of work McGee pushes his imagery into the iconic; figures and shapes are barely indicated, then repeated and mixed with abstract patterns. McGee has recently been the subject of three large survey exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth Texas, the Berkeley Art Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Little Savage is Barry McGee’s first solo exhibition with Eighteen, he has previously mounted and curated exhibitions at V1 Gallery.