V1 Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Kasper Sonne

AM I EVIL? Is Kasper Sonne's 2nd solo exhibition in one year. Thematically he is circling the same fundamental human contrasts as in 'The Dicktator Sucks!' *. But instead of a rebellion against the authorities of society, this time it seems to be more about the struggle with what is nearest: family, friends, lovers and himself. It is a showdown with (lost) childhood, broken homes, the loss of trust and believe in true love, and the feeling of being evil deep inside, as a result hereof. It is about doubting the good in one self, when faced with other people's unhappiness and the sadness of the world around you, and yet not trying to help or rescue. It is the story about a whole generation with early childhood trauma and the reflection upon a world at war.

The scene is set at something bearing a frightening resemblance to the courtyard of hell. And what other place could possible be more appropriate, when you like Sonne, is on a crusade to explore and define evil. But what does it really mean to be evil? Is it something you are born to be? Is it let on by traumatic incidents or the lack of love? Heritage and environment? And is it even something that you can truly define? With Sonne evil has got a face, although you might ask yourself whether it, more than evil itself, is Sonne who is put on stage, you, me, or the modern world in general.

Kasper Sonne continues his ever energetic, figurative and colorful painting style, underlined by sculptural and installatoric elements. Post-it notes, drawings, clippings and collages all seem to serve as personal references, memory notes, statements or fragments of songs. The inspiration from music is clear. A song title or a few private lines. And with the always much meaningfully entitled work, it all comes together so powerfully on the huge canvases, like on a masterpiece album. It is Punk Rock at its best.

Sonne has a seemingly transparent visual language where hearts equals love, sculls represents death and Satan is the closest you get to pure evil. But don't be fooled. With Sonne you always has to look twice. And when you do, he might just turn you upside down. Things have double meanings. Bright shining hearts are placed right next to evil-eyed sculls, as if to say that you can't have one without the other. That life isn't only good or only bad. That it isn't black or white. One post-it note simply reads; nothing as it seem.

The message is clearly though, not to spread evil, but rather to examine it.
Understand it to be able to be done with it. Be done with all the anger and hatred.
Make peace and move on.

And as it was possible to turn the criticism of society on to one self in 'The Dicktator Sucks!' it is possible to turn the criticism of one self on to society in AM I EVIL?

AM I EVIL? is an open question and a challenge.
To me, you, and to the ones in power.