A solo exhibition by Jesper Dalgaard

As the title implies Danish artist Jesper Dalgaard's solo exhibition at V1 Gallery echoes hope. Dalgaard gazes toward a land of opportunity where the articulation of hope could perhaps also foster the possibility of hope, hereby replacing the notion of three's a crowd with a harmonious trinity of man, nature and machine.

And already you feel dystopia stir in the undercurrents of the exhibition. A New Direction To The Land of Opportunity confirms that a heartfelt need for hope often doesn't arise until reality is no longer desirable. Jesper Dalgaard's new direction toward something, thus also automatically implies a movement away from something. And opportunities transform into the possibility of something else, rather than the possibility of status quo.

In this sense Jesper Dalgaard's exhibition also turn into a universal narrative about people tripping into their own graves in their quest for greatness. About civilizations, whose triumphant manifestations that were supposed to ensure their future - instead ended up as enigmatic monoliths and monumental memorials testifying a failed past. About hope, that turned into hopelessness.

But first and foremost, Dalgaard's arrow points forward. Towards heroic harmony, rather than reckless ruins. He transforms the gallery into a landscape, where technology and living organisms amalgamate into life-affirming constellations made possible by future fictional scientists and progressive people writing themselves into Dalgaard's optimistic and necessary science fiction tale.

The exhibition becomes an artistic rite providing glimpses of civilization's next new stages. Nested in corn circles, tomb stones an the Easter Islands Dalgaard's story of man's creative and destructive forces literally grows into the sky and, eventually, possibly also away from the Earth.

Jesper Dalgaard (b. 1974) is one of Denmark's most exceptional young artists. He is known for his quirky universes and timeless sculptures, often accompanied by long, narrative titles, which are stories in themselves or at least the beginning of a story. This Solo exhibition is Dalgaard's first at V1 Gallery.