A group exhibition marking V1 Gallery's fourth birthday

Opening day: 24.11.06. From 4pm - 10pm
Exhibition period: 25.11.06 - 22.12.06

V1 Gallery proudly presents THERE IS A U IN US, a group exhibition marking V1 Gallery's fourth birthday.

Since V1 Gallery opened its doors to the small rooms in Absalonsgade 21b thousands of visitors have left their impression in the gallery along with more than 174 artists and 36 exhibitions.

During the four years the gallery has existed the walls have been painted, the floor has been tapered and installations have hung from the cealing. Genres and styles have been disregarded. There has been dialogue and debate, pans and praises, chips on shoulders and claps on backs. Foreign countries have been to Denmark and Denmark has been to foreign countries. There's been novices and experts, friends and foes, amiable policemen with batons hanging from their belts and angry artists with shit covering their hands. V1 Gallery has enthused, entertained, dissapointed, annoyed, confused, hit the mark, hit and missed, challenged and inspired. In other words: V1 Gallery can celebrate its fourth birthday as the spirited and ardent place it was always meant to be.

THERE IS A U IN US gathers the foreign and Danish artists who have earlier exhibited in V1 Gallery, the artists who are currently represented by V1 Gallery and a selection of artists who are going to exhibit in the gallery in the future. The exhition will mainly consist of new works from the artists who count: Kasper Sonne, Thomas Øvlisen, Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund, HuskMitNavn, Richard Colman, Thomas Øvlisen, Dash Snow, Futura, Wes Lang, Neckface, Anika Lori, Peter Funch, Ulrik Crone, Eine, Shepard Fairey, Jakob Boeskov, Troels Carlsen, Søren Behncke, Dearraindrop, Asger Carlsen, Ingen Frygt, Sofie Hesselholdt & Vibeke Mejlvang, Jesper
Dahlgaard, Carl Krull, Banksy, Henrik Vibskov, Faile, Andrew Shoultz, Daniel Johnston & Todd and James Levent Bøilerehauge.

We have curated THERE IS A U IN US like a party. The exhibition is a tribute to courage, love and people with something at heart. We hope the artists will danse and duel, so connection, coherence and artistic contrast becomes a triple-edged sword. After the opening you are invited to an afterparty in Yankee Bar, Vega.