February 2004 - Loyal Magazine, one of the world's freshest art magazines is launching an art exhibition entitled The Hunt For Your Family in Copenhagen's magnanimous V1 Gallery.

The Hunt For Your Family is intended to change the way your day has been going by providing you with a more exciting, fun, and thought inducing way to access contemporary art. 'We are pretty f_ _kin independent', says Martin Lilja, president and CEO, Loyal Magazine. "The exhibition offers one centralized stop in Europe, namely V-1 Gallery in Copenhagen, containing a vast collection of carefully edited and compiled artwork."

The Hunt For Your Family is a group exhibition including artists who have appeared in past issues of Loyal. Thanks to all the great artists who agreed on being in it, we can promise a great show that is gonna Rock Your Socks Off.

The exhibition's advisory board is headed by Martin Lilja, Kristian Bengtsson, and Amy Giunta.

Before the show opens in Copenhagen it will make a weekend visit (Feb. 20-22) to Stockholm's newest and coolest gallery ODD NUMBER with the opening reception on Feb 20th. Odd Number Gallery, Torsgatan 40, Stockholm, Sweden. Mon-Fri 13-18.30, Sat 12-16, Tel 070 783 21 36.


MISAKI KAWAI - Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Misaki Kawai draws upon the imagery from vintage magazines to store signs, paintings on walls, cartoons; everything seems to inspire her as she walks thru the world. She mixes it up in her head and turns it into drawings and collages that are playful and minimal. Currently living in NYC, she has been included in the Special projects at P.S. 1 Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and shows with Kenny Schacter Contemporary in New York.

TAYLOR MCKIMENS - Taylor McKimens work explores the possibilities of ugliness and prettiness, seriousness and light heartedness. His unique vision is marked by acceptance of what could be considered extremely ugly. McKimens recently had a solo exhibition at Clementine Gallery in New York, showed at White Columns in New York and New Image Art in LA.

ASHLEY MACOMBER - Los Angeles artist paints beautiful, delicate, carefully detailed paintings of animals in pastel yet somewhat frightening baroque settings. She has exhibited at New Image Art Gallery in L.A. We saw a tiny drawing of hers in a group show at Rare Gallery in New York and we knew she was great. She has also been featured in The Broken Wrist Project.

YUN-FEI JI - uses traditional techniques and styles of Chinese painting as a point of departure. Ji makes intricate and beautifully rendered paintings on multiple layers of mulberry paper. When one moves in and looks closely at these seemingly balanced constructions, what initially appear to be seductive ink-stain landscapes, are revealed on closer inspection to be scenarios of industrial, environmental disasters; gas stations, pick-up trucks, tanks and other objects; as well as masked figures with various animals serving as metaphors for humans. The idea of the implicit also has political implications in China, where all important political messages are conveyed in code. The compelling aspect of this work is its use of traditional Chinese style and mythology in contrast to contemporary issues. For Loyal he will exhibit his pencil drawing sketches.

AMY GARTRELL - Her drawings and paintings depict friends, dead rock stars, dragon slayers and other melancholy imagery in flat, paint-by-numbers style, augmented with Victorian flowers, lacy patterning, and Day-glo coloring. Macabre and sentimental, her work reflects the complexities, confusion, and drama of adolescence. Worth mentioning is that Amy has been called 'neo-gothic'.

ADAM GREEN - Is the singer from Moldy Peaces fame. Now working solo. Now he has released two solo albums on Rough Trade, has written a book: a 6 page dive into Adam's brain a hilarious montage of numbered list and quotes from Adam to you. He is also makes posters which he will exhibit in the Loyal exhibition."

CHRIS LINDIG - after being spiritualy executed to the tenticles of reality, the real flows of mentallity will start to begin and earth and moon will not collide therefor alighnment adjustments wont be nessecary giving the proper salutations to the great being of inter reality,and thought processes then willing companions will flow into the compound to only be lured back for further treatments, thank you.

WES LANG - Wes Lang blends abstract expression, figure and landscape in paintings that explore iconic imagery within the context of contemporary culture. Lang's work draws from such sources as religious icons, dead movie stars and 1970's porn. He expresses deep emotion and comments on the perversity of human nature. He has exhibited at such galleries as Rare gallery in New York and Claska gallery in Tokyo.

JO JACKSON - Jo Jackson makes paintings, videos and sculptural installations about liquid symbology, the USA and the world. Jo has shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Luggage Store, San Francisco and the Eclipse Gallery Basil, Switzerland, New Image Art, LA.

CHRIS JOHANSON - Inspired by skateboard and graffiti culture and urban life in San Francisco, Johanson's raw, poignant and frequently humorous drawings present street life from the perspective of those who live it. A biting commentary about contemporary urban existence. He recently had a solo show at Deitch Projects in New York.

NIK TAYLOR - London based skater and artist who has worked with Slam City Skate, London.

KEVIN CHRISTY - Kevin Christy's mixed media drawings juxtapose nature and longing with the seemingly unfulfilling routine of working in a corporate environment. Objects such as ties, floating chairs and eyeglasses serve as symbols of office life. Has shown at White Columns and Monya Rowe in New York.

GLYNNIS MCDARIS - Glynnis is in the middle of the New York scene. Part as a photographer, where her work can be seen in such magazines as Vice and Nylon, but also as a party promoter, where her name is a guarantee for fun events around lower Manhattan.

JASON VISELTEAR - A fine-tuned violinmaker with interest for small avant-garde theater plays and scribble-drawings of horses, smoking preferably, always adding in great political awareness in the things he does. A full-on east coaster who lives in New York City.

JESSE PEARSON - Jesse is a writer. He was a part of Index Magazine and is now working with the infamous Vice Magazine as a editor. He also DJ's around New York and for this exhibition he made us a mix tape.

KRISTIAN BENGTSSON - Hailing from Falkenberg, Sweden, living in Stockholm, Kristian is a smart-ass. He also makes beautiful, sensitive, sincere portrait photographs. He looks for comical moments without making fun of the subject. He looks also for why they are beautiful. Founding member of Loyal.

AMY GIUNTA - Born in upstate New York, living in New York City, photographer Amy Giunta makes architectural landscapes of ordinary, everyday life using only the existing light you find in urban and suburban environments. She often shows a lonely person at work in this architecture, longing for their shift to end. She seems like she is like a graffiti writer, but she doesn't want to get arrested. She makes photographs of the security guards instead. She be down with the Loyals.

ANNA NORLANDER - Swedish born artist living in London. Anna Norlander's drawings are so fragile they seem like they might be weak, but that is not the case. Forged with a dark force, her work balances this beauty and fragility and helps us see the strength and power in these things. She has been a contributor and founding member of Loyal Magazine since its inception in May 2000

MARILYN PETRIDEAN - Marilyn was a founding member of Loyal Magazine who turned from Loyal to studies in fine art. She makes her first re-appearance tonight since Issue #1. You will recognize her simple and telling style that always leaves you thinking. For these pieces she worked together with artist Jasper Baird-Murray.

BRIAN DEGRAW - Brian is a great character whose amazing paintings, pencil drawings, and collages have been part of the New York underground art scene for 10 years. You may have read about him in Dazed or Tokion or Zing. Recent show in Tokyo with Tokion Magazine and at Galerie du Jour in Paris.

DEVENDRA BANHART - Devendra has lived in Texas, Caracas, San Francisco, L.A. and now New York where we met him. He a musician and do drawings that are whimsy and voodoo pen y pencil drawins.

RICH JACOBS - Rich Jacobs part in the scene goes beyond his own drawing and painting. Few have had a bigger impact on getting the artists out there than Rich. He has curated shows for numerous galleries over the years and He does cool stream of consciousness paintings, intuitive drawings and his famous faces. Of note is that he does not have a computer or do email. Keepin it real = Rich Jacobs.

LIZZIE FINN - British artist Lizzie Finn uses mediums in an inventive way. Her artwork, often hand-sewn, is both traditional and modern, both cute and hard. Lizzie Finn has taken on numerous roles ranging from art direction and illustration to fashion print design. Finn has exhibited work in London, New York, Venice and most recently Tokyo, also making regular contributions to Dazed & Confused and Vogue magazines,

KEITH SHORE - 24 years old. Resides in Philadelphia, USA. Works in association with the art people at Space 1026, Recently retired as Art Director of Heckler Magazine. Moving on to other things. Love it.

BILL CALLAHAN -The prolific singer-songwriter known as Smog, sings first-person character sketches delivered with such detached nonchalance that each song sounds like an uncertain someone's most intimate thoughts set to music. He also draws like that.

ALENA 'SCOOTER' RUDOLPH - Scooter's art depicts cold urban landscapes. She focuses on silhouettes of telephone poles and their wires against the streets and buildings of San Francisco where she resides.

JH ENGTRÖM - Swedish born Photographer who's work is represented by gallery VU' in Paris. His Photos are emotional snapshots from every day life. JH's Photos can best be described as rough and honest. VU' have also published JH Engströms first photo book, featuring photos of a woman shelter.

SLAVA MOGUTIN - Russian writer and photographer who has come into the arms of New York. He photographs his subjects in a raw snapshot aesthetic showing primal beauty and innocence in an unconventional way. Has recently had a solo exhibition at Rare gallery in New York.