This Place Not For Me
An exhibition by Cody Hudson in The Depot

It is a great pleasure to present This Place Not For Me, the first solo exhibition by Cody Hudson (US) in Denmark. Cody Hudson’s poetic ink drawings on found vintage book pages hover somewhere between abstraction, stream of consciousness, patterns, drawn sculpture and minimal poetry. Encountering the work feels like finding a message in a bottle, seeing an image in a cloud, or a secret shared among friends.

The work is intimate in size (21x13 cm) and line. There are 18 drawings and 3 sculptures in the exhibition. A vase shaped drawing spells “DEAD FREAKS UNITE” another more abstract piece reads “DEATH IN CHICAGO VS. LA RIOTS”. Minimal and subtle, but not without resonance. The three sculptures in the exhibition are composed from found wood and mirror the sculptural shapes in the drawings. They convey the same sense of minimal poetry as the works on paper, a heartfelt vocabulary of shapes and structures.

Cody Hudson, born 1971, lives and works in Chicago. Cody Hudson has exhibited extensively in America, he has participated in several group shows at V1 Gallery. This Place Not For Me is Hudson’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.