V1 Gallery is pleased to present


A solo exhibition by Anton Funck


But what is worldbuilding? But a sequence of narratives. A cerebral sequence, like pearls on a string or pebbles in your hand (color coordinated). One line, two lines, many, same, same, slowly, now different. Closing each gap. Stacked lines. Is that inspiration? To arrive at a point of comprehension: “Oh – I see”: To invent and comprehend the recipe of the cake (or bouillabaisse) only utilized by thought and mind wandering (mind hiking).

Draw dots – stack lines perfectly – order with no purpose. Now step back, arms reach.

A face has appeared, an animal has appeared, the map appeared. Is that cake or Bouillabaisse? Is it recognition? Like In the videogames where streetlamps flare up, one by one, indicating the right direction. Or puzzle you towards a dead end. It is attached to any experience and can happen anywhere (maybe it is happening all the time?)

Your dots connect and it’s not a light bulb.

Stacked lines and dots on a piece of paper. It reveals a pattern. A face. A shape in a whirl of a million shapes. And you notice it and only it:

An exercise that I like to do, perhaps it might be of use:
Look at an image or an object that sparks your interest but also seems hard to fully understand (ex. visually abstract or seem too simple to pertain meaning).

Ask a questio
n. It can be a simple question relating to a specific technique, color, material. A question about origin. It can be a question about a greater message that you sense that “the thing” is trying to communicate but remains secluded to you. It can be a question to a fellow co-observer ex. a friend, or a parent or your cat(s).

Ask more than two questions. See if you can answer them and note the ones that you can’t answer.
Some of those questions might not be easy or even possible to answer.

Was it worthwhile? Did it gain or lose value?

Consider that this might be the
“trick or the purpose. Consider and reflect on yourrelationship status” with said object or image. Consider. Ask a question. With a question. “In search of an answer? Ask a question!”:

IMO the best questions seem impossible to answer in the present but seem perfectly answerable in the future. With the passing of time – maybe years – the answer might be revealed to you.

To a different you who’ve since experienced and lived and thought about
a million new and different things. Connected many dots. Stacked lots of lines (lol).

- Anton Funck

Anton Funck (b. 1992, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In his ever-evolving practice, Funck explores repetition and variation through various mediums and techniques including textile, painting, and different printmaking techniques transferred to paper. Watercolors presents nine new watercolor works on cotton paper. Funck studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark. Recent exhibitions include Always and Almost Never Open Pt. II (2022) and Antumbra (2021), OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark. Watercolors is his first solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.