To Be Announced
A joint exhibition by Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman

It is a great pleasure and honor to present the first double exhibition by Richard Colman and Andrew Schoultz. Since the two artists first met five years ago they have talked on and off about creating an exhibition together. To Be Announced, as the title indicates, something new is on the horizon. In the exhibition both artists present new bodies of work that diverge in artistic style from what they have become known for. They are venturing into new territory together.

In subject matter both artists are still on the same path. Andrew Schoultz engages our way of spending our time, and the future, on our planet. His art is an extrovert call for attention to our destructive and often greedy modus operandi. Crisis; human, global, financial and environmental. A new series of works on flags, that pay homage to Jasper Johns, originated when Schoultz purchased an American flag, for an artwork, in America from an American company, only to realize that it was produced in China. It seems that we are all, not only Americans, as patriotic as the dollar.

Richard Colman’s strange, sexy, surreal and often humorous subject matter and work has a peculiar universal feeling vested in it. Grotesque and sometimes macabre, the work is still very humane and taps into a common sub consciousness. In this new body of work, Richard returns to his youth for materials, an avid skater in the past, he now uses grip tape as a medium. Colman’s work is explicit and introvert at the same time, a broken mirror reflecting what is not directly in front of us, but in us.

In To Be Announced both artists use a multitude of artistic grips; painting, drawing, collage and installation. Their individual work stand out and merge. Both are terrific craftsmen, we are seduced, but the focus never falters: To Be Announced is about the future and what we will all make of it.

Andrew Schoultz, lives and works in San Francisco (US, 1975) has recently exhibited at San Francisco MOMA, in a double exhibition in dialogue with the work of Paul Klee. He is featured on the cover of this month’s issue of Juxtapoz. Richard Colman (US, 1976) lives and works in San Francisco, has just completed a major installation in the bathrooms of Gagosian in Los Angeles in conjunction with their Urs Fischer exhibition. He has recently had solo exhibitions at New Image Art and Guerro Gallery.

Both artists have had several solo and group exhibitions at V1 Gallery. It is a great pleasure to welcome them back to Copenhagen.