29 Mar 2019 -

Artist Thomas Jeppe spoke to Cali Thornhill DeWitt about the importance of music, the roots of his aesthetics, and global communication.

“I had a lot of freedom—wake up, leave the house, come back at dinnertime. I don’t think kids get to do that now. So I was out on the streets, getting the bus. I really liked music when I was young, and I really liked punk. But I also liked Duran Duran, you know what I mean? So older kids would see me, and I would have a Sid Vicious t­-shirt and a Duran Duran button, and I would be told, “You can’t do that.” [laughs] And I was just like, “Well, why not?” And I kind of still feel like that […] It’s so limiting to say you can only do one thing, and it must be about one thing.”

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Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s solo exhibition WAR SONG opens at V1 Gallery Friday, April 5, 5-9pm