15 Jun 2020 -

Episode #134: Thomas Campbell / Artist / Filmmaker / Photographer

Artist, filmmaker, photographer, and all around creative human being Thomas Campbell joins the podcast to talk about his newest skateboard film “Ye Olde Destruction” as well as how he went from a kid growing up in the 70s skateboard scene, to writing for magazines while he was still in high school, to hitchhiking around the world, to doing a solo art show in Morocco, to creating amazing 16mm films and so much more. Thomas is one of those  individuals who seems to have been able to build a life and career off just being himself and creating whatever it is he feels like at the time.  From his earliest days of working in the skateboard publishing world, to traveling the world and creating art, Thomas has lived a life in pursuit of creativity.  During our conversation Thomas recounts some of the old stories like accidentally becoming Larry Clark’s roommate for a month in New York, what the late 70s and early 80s skate and underground art scenes were like, some of his creative inspirations in life, what made him want to spend the last 7 years making a 16mm skate film, and the advice he gives to others who think they dream of living his life.


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