17 Dec 2020 -

B. Thom Stevenson
Rebel Frog (I’m No One’s Puppet) (Red/Blue), 2020
3 color handprinted silkscreen print
on 350 gsm Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove paper
70 x 50 cm
Edition of 50 + 5 AP
Signed and numbered
Printed in Copenhagen

V1 Gallery is pleased to present a triple release of two limited edition silkscreen prints, Rebel Frog (I’m No One’s Puppet), in two bold color versions, red and blue, along a limited coffee mug, from the celebrated and prolific multidisciplinary American artist B. Thom Stevenson.

“I know I wasn’t alone in thinking this past year that our society is damaged, possibly beyond repair, that maybe we should just start over, that no government at all is better than the clowns we have running this place. Thankfully we have a lot of strong people in this world that fought for change and are still fighting for something better. Here are some words of wisdom from everyone’s favourite Rebel Frog: Always be yourself. Never take yourself too seriously. And beware of advice from experts, pigs, and members of Parliament.”

– B. Thom Stevenson

B. Thom Stevenson’s practice explores transformation and transcendence. Engaging, infiltrating and distorting contemporary culture, in Stevenson’s work high and low are not segregated but co-dependent. Jim Henson, Pablo Picasso, Star Trek, Woody Guthrie, Max Ernst, Anime, Henri Matisse, Cormack McCarthy, Sesame Street, punk flyers, Henri Moore, comic books, religious doomsday pamphlets and various source material enrich and inform each other. Counter- and over-the-counter culture side by side. He works in creative cycles. Drawn, xeroxed, painted, photographed, painted, screen printed, Stevenson revisits his motifs repeatedly in various media, altering, disfiguring and detouring the composition.

With the two color version silkscreen print, Rebel Frog (I’m No One’s Puppet), Stevenson bootlegs one of his own paintings, Kermit (2020), from his latest solo exhibition Sunrise FM at V1 Gallery earlier this year. The rasterized silkscreen print highlights Stevenson’s signature iconography: Anarchy it reads in large stencil-like letters, a lonely old slogan, across the figurative motif of the well-known rebel frog Kermit. Aesthetically, a merge between a classic portrait painting and a DIY xeroxed punk flyer.

B. Thom Stevenson
Time to Wake the Fuck Up, 2020
Porcelain Coffee Mug
93 x 87 mm, 330 ml

Well, do as our favourite humanoid duck, recommends: smell the proverbial coffee and wake the fuck up. We can change things together. Cheers for an enlightened 2021.

Available in-gallery and online at V1 Gallery Store

Photos by B. Thom Stevenson, Jan Søndergaard, Rune Fallessen and V1 Gallery