6 Sep 2019 -

V1 Gallery & At Last Books is pleased to present

Thomas Øvlisen Artist Talk and Book Signing
Friday, September 13 | V1 Gallery
4-5pm Artist Talk
5-6pm Book Signing

On the occasion of the official launch of Thomas Øvlisen’s new book, Future Techno Fossil Tumbleweed, and the finissage of Øvlisen’s exhibition, Variations in Blue, we are pleased to invite you for artist talk and book signing at V1 Gallery. The talk is free and open to everyone.

“In the talk I will walk through the exhibition and talk my way from the initial inspiration to final exhibition. A long the way I will dwell on material specificity, childhood memories, cognitive geography, formal painting and a few other issues I care about when making art. The book has been 3 years in the making and departs in my 2016 exhibition Techno Fossil Tumbleweed. Making the book has been an intense and non-linear process in the best possible way. Andrianna Campbell-LaFleur has written a thorough article on the initial show and my work leading up to the exhibition, there is a New Yorker article on Yvonne Chouinard (every artist should be like him, maybe), one of the, to me, most influential art history articles ever by Paul Barolsky and a few other surprises. The book is meant to be an inspired read. Hopefully you will enjoy the articles. You will definitely learn something. And maybe you will form your own way of appreciating the way I make my things and maybe even form, or develop, your very own way of looking at contemporary art. I sure hope so.” – Thomas Øvlisen, 2019

Thomas Øvlisen | Future Techno Fossil Tumbleweed, 2019 
First 300 editions with hand-drawn covers
Signed and numbered by the artist
12 X 19 cm | 120 pages
Published by At Last Books
ISBN: 978-87-999667-7-6
€27 / 200 DKK

Available in-gallery and at the V1 Gallery Store

For more information, contact:

Amanda Færk, Assistant Director